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DIRECTIONS Tours™, Altair Travel and Cruises, and Drury Hotels® are excited to come together and form St. Louis' Lead Travel Partnership to move our travelers and businesses forward during these "new normal" times.  With this partnership of three established and reputable St. Louis based companies, we have been able to collaborate and bring to life a new innovative way of traveling.  In doing so, we feel we will provide an unmatched safe and responsible travel experience to “Reboot Travel in 2020” and beyond!

When? Where? and How? is it safe to travel again? 


When?  This is the biggest “uncertain” question we have had to consider.  We continue to follow the data and reopening of business and commerce across the country. Based on those projections, we have formatted our travel “reboot” timeline.


Where?  Every travel experience we offer are to destinations that we have researched and are working with to manage the protocols of social distancing and cleanliness.

How? Travel is our business, and now, more than ever, we must move forward  forward “creatively” to provide our customers the opportunity to travel safely and responsibly.  We are calling it "Social Distancing Travel".

What is "Social Distancing Travel"?  


Traveling Safely, Responsibly and Respectfully!   Traveling Safely, Responsibly and Respectfully! In order for us to provide these amazing travel packages, our travelers must be willing to maintain our tour's social distancing requirements and responsibilities. These new Overnight and Day Trip's offered will begin in mid-September this year and include:

1) No Flying!   DIRECTIONS Tours provides new state-of-the-art motorcoaches that offer the finest onboard amenities such as; WIFI, AC plugs/seat charging portals, comfortable seats and a safe smooth ride.  The motorcoach will be professionally cleaned and disinfected prior to every departure (following the American Bus Association and Federal Transportation Administration guidelines) and also disinfected inside at EVERY stop along the way. 


2) Limiting our tour packages to only 16 travelers per tour vacation!   Our transportation accommodates 56 seats total - in which we will only accommodate 16 seats and passengers.  Travelers will be seated with no one next to, across from, in front of or behind them (excluding couples), providing two full seats between fellow travelers - well beyond the required 6 feet distance recommendation by the CDC. (click photo to see coach social distance seating example below)


3) Clean, Fresh and Safe Accommodations!  Drury Hotels® has been awarded 14 consecutive "Highest in Guest Satisfaction Among Upper Midscale Hotel Chains” by J.D. Power.  St. Louis based and owned, Drury Hotels cleanliness exceeds travelers expectations, and now more than ever (click logo below to read Drury Hotels commitment to travelers during these times).

4) All St. Louis Departures!  You will be traveling only with other travelers leaving from St. Louis and departing from one safe location.  

Ready to Go? We are ready to Welcome You! 


Pack Your Bags and Relax!    Your safety and well-being are our highest priority!  DIRECTIONS Tours™, Altair Travel and Cruises, and Drury Hotels® are ready to welcome you onboard.  Please allow each of us to welcome you now (click our company logos below):







Listen to DIRECTIONS Tours President, Tod DeHart, introduce SOCIAL DISTANCING TRAVEL

on the Altair Travel Radio Show on KTRS 550 St. Louis

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