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Visiting Oregon is magical! It is like no other place in America and features amazing landscapes, cultures and a vibe “all its own”. Oregon is naturally stunning. The state’s unpopulated and rugged coastline features cliffs on the mainland and jutting stone outcrops just offshore. But if you’re looking for a beach, not to worry, Oregon boasts miles of long sandy beaches perfect for relaxing. Visitors enjoy getting up-close and personal with sea life including sea lions and otters. In the fall, many visit the rivers leading into the Pacific Ocean and get a glimpse of the salmon spawning. Central Oregon features amazing backdrops of mountains and volcanic peaks, painted desert panoramas and rich agricultural lands. Oregon’s soil produces rich fruits and vegetables… many being organically grown. Not to mention, Oregon’s amazing cattle farms.

The state has become a dairy mecca turning out rich milk and cheeses. The cities of Oregon are truly unique in every form. Built on history and culture, each city has a feel all its own. Portland is the largest city of Oregon and is located on the north border of the state near the Columbia River Valley. The city is known as the “Rose City” because of temperate year-round temperatures, Portland produces brilliant foliage and fauna. The city’s amazing Rose Test Gardens in Washington Park is a must see! Willamette Valley and National Forest to the south are pristine for nature lovers. Here the earth is “undisturbed” and the varied landscape of high mountains, narrow canyons, cascading streams, and wooded slopes are picture perfect. Douglas-fir, the State tree of Oregon, is one of the largest trees in America and is found alongside old growth Redwoods creating an amazing natural canopy protecting the forest below. Oregon is home to more waterfalls than any other state. Large to small, from north to south, the state’s wild waters are a sight to behold. The state also is home to Carter Lake National Park. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the country and it is the largest volcano formed lake in North America. Peaceful crystal blue water makes the lake even more stunning. I invite you to join us at DIRECTIONS Tours to experience Oregon… It just happens to be my favorite states and for so many reasons!

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